Designer Discovery – Jewel Kade Jewellery

For the first Designer Discovery, I’ve chosen Jewel Kade Jewellery. A friend and I discovered them at the LA Women’s Expo last month. The beautiful, creative pieces caught our eye, and I soon realised there were about a dozen things on that one table I could have easily bought right there and then. Thankfully, I am being careful with expenses leading up to Christmas, and so instead I walked away with the catalogue which you can browse online here.

There’s  something so simple yet whimsical and nostalgic about their artisan pieces. I’d happily purchase any of the bracelets above, and I love the beaded boho necklaces with a ‘hook’ at the end for the various signature charms they make.

My very favourite piece is the ‘Enchanted Bracelet’ below. It’s just the perfect combination of industrial and delicate somehow.

Enchanted Bracelet by Jewel Kade

When I pointed it out, the lady behind the table laughed and said I had ‘wonderful, expensive taste’ – as I think this specific piece is one of the only ones that costs more than the others at $90. For how expensive the bracelet looks in real life, though, I felt that was still quite reasonable, which applies to the rest of the collection as well.  I think it’s safe to say I will be revisiting this designer for future gifts.


New Category – Designer Discovery

I feel like there is so much out there to discover that it’s sometimes hard to keep track. That’s why I love the idea of Pinterest and places like that where you can ‘pin’ a discovery and keep it somewhere in a semi-organised fashion.

I continuously come across new designers, products and ideas that I find inspiring, and so in the effort to share (and be semi-organised!) I’ve decided it might be fun to have a couple of new categories for regular posts.

This first one will be called ‘Designer Discovery’, where I would like to share and keep track of new designers I come across whom I fiind inspiring, and want to remember.

Looking forward to exploring how I can have some fun with this category idea, starting with the next post.