The Riddle of the Red Jeans

The Riddle of Red Jeans

I’ve been looking for the perfect pair of red jeans for a while now, and the other night I came across the very pair at the sale rack in Forever 21. Needless to say, it was a moment worthy of a happy dance once I got them safely back home.

I think they might be a previous season’s style as I couldn’t find them anywhere online, but they are the perfect shade of deep, vibrant red and a skinny/flare fit that’s really flattering.

In my excitement I tried them on tonight with a sharp white t-shirt and a pair of great black ankle-length silver-buckle boots, and suddenly realised I looked like a young, female … Santa Claus trainee.

Any other combo of black, white and/or green seemed a little too Christmassy as well, so I realised this new find was worthy of some proper research.

As per the above collage, I love the idea of combining them with some brown leather and a feminine cream blouse, with a tartan scarf. Any other suggestions on how to wear red jeans in a creative way would be most welcome!


Midnight Blue Nails: Try the Trend This Weekend!

About a month ago I decided to go renegade and buy a blue nail polish when I discovered the shade ‘Sweet Peacock’ by Orly. I think with nail colours like blue it can be a bit hit or miss, but this one is just the right mix of bright, deep and glittery.

Just found this article today on and it gave me that self-satisfied feeling when you decide to do something new on your own, then find out later it’s trending. The feeling lasts for about a minute before I start to wonder, is that it, or did I follow a trend subconsciously when I thought it was completely my own idea earlier?

Do you ever get that feeling – whether high street has influenced catwalk or the other way around, and if we’re losing track? In any case – blue nails, people. It’s happening.