Preppy in Blue

It was overcast this morning, and I had one of those days where – in an effort to be stylish but warm enough – my entire wardrobe looked uninspiring to me.

The individual pieces I laid out seemed just … average. I had a class to attend, then a lunch, and I really wanted to wear a bright colour or two to counteract the grey skies outside.

Then after a little bit of trial and error, an unexpected combo of said ‘average’ pieces (plus a little fold here and there) led to what became my favourite outfit I’ve worn in a long time.

I felt so happy as I stepped out of the house – I felt comfortable, polished, colourful and still warm enough for whatever unpredictable weather the day brought.  Yay!

Plain long-sleeved White T-shirt, Dark Jeans

At this point I added a loose turquoise jumper (that’s sweater for my US side!) that I got last week. It’s a bit too big on its own, but I decided to try it layered on top of the white.

Pull longer sleeves out from underneath…

Fold back the top sleeve first…

Then fold the lower sleeve neatly around the the top fold…

Almost done!

Next I thought I should cover up the collar as it was a bit awkward, and luckily I’ve collected quite a few scarves over time, one of which turned out to be the perfect colours.

Add scarf in coincidentally perfect colours…

…and ‘Groove’ Hobo Boots

The finished look for class and lunch date.

Add a taupe blazer as a jacket for walking around outside. Done!

Plain White Long Sleeved T: H&M

Jeans: Mossimo in Fit ‘3’ Flare

Turquoise Jumper: Forever 21

Scarf: Cejon

Boots: Groove ‘Halen’ Boots

Blazer: Woven Career Jacket by Forever 21

Nail Polish: Lilacism by Essie


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