Screening Style

The longer I live in LA, the more I realise that the key to style living in a city with unpredictable temperatures throughout a single day is layering. I’m certain there’ll be more exploration of that theme later, but for now another idea.

As I contemplate fashion I’m realising more and more it’s about the unexpected choice – taking risks wherever inspired in varying degrees. Sometimes it’s just that last minute change before you walk out the door, away from classic ‘matchy things’ towards a more unusual combination.

I felt inspired this way the other night when getting dressed to go to our cast and crew screening of my husband’s film. I get teased sometimes for the fact that I like to get dressed up, even a little bit, for things that you know other people will be wearing jeans and t-shirts to (especially, it seems, in Los Angeles). It makes me smile as I do have that tendency, but especially recently where I truly feel like the only way to live is to treat each day as its own special occasion.

The little unexpected change in this case was a switch from the black shoes to the more unusual combo of pale gold/nude heels.

These are my absolute favourite at the moment, a pair of Max Studio Marais pumps I picked up last year at DSW.  A year later and I’m loving them to the point of wanting them in every colour, only to find they don’t make them anymore, which seems to happen to me a lot. I think maybe I either catch on late or take my sweet time to get in to things that I buy.

Adding the little Marks and Spencers black jacket …

Add a few bracelets and a large ring …

Goldy/Leopardy scarf added – Layers Complete!


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